Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I speed up my online map?

    The answer to this question varies for each client.

    The first step is to obtain information about the entire stack. What database? Physical and logical disk configurations? If known, how is the software configured?

    If there is sufficient logging at all layers of the stack, then reviewing the logs is the next step.

    If there is not sufficient logging, then I'll start with the database. I'll reproduce the slow behavior, watch for the incoming queries and review the explain plans for each query. Often, there is a missing index or statistics have to be updated.

  • What type of service dogs do you train?

    I don't train dogs--their paws make it difficult to operate a mouse and a keyboard. Perhaps you are looking for: CompassKey for Dogs? https://www.ckdogs.com/

  • I want to start a new restaurant. Can you help?

    No. You are probably looking for Compass Key Consulting for Restaurants ( http://ckconsultingsolutions.com/)

    But if you want a map. Or need help with site selection, trade area analysis, delivery routing, or fleet management, we can help.